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Fourmative are an Automotive Consultancy and Training business that was founded in 1993 with the underlying principle that still stands today – the desire to truly make a difference. A difference that is created to solve issues, educate staff and managers alike, and enhance business and individual performance. Our support extends to sectors outside of Automotive to include aftermarket supply, Construction and Agriculture machine supply and support and much more.

Impacting Your Business

Business impact is what we provide whether you are looking to Progress performance, Develop to best in class or Sustain your position as number one, we can help.

We work across all business areas and are able to help Assess your current performance, Train you and your staff on how things could be better, Coach your staff to help them achieve a better result, assist them to Develop their skills and competency and show them how to Apply the change, achieving the required Impact.

We apply this development process across our 4 areas of business support.

Customer Experience

An increasing number of successful businesses recognise that the customer experience is the most important contributor to business success and profit. The challenge however is to deliver a great service to every customer every time and this is where we can help.

People Development

We believe that individuals need to be motivated to learn, to be able to develop and understand how to apply new skills and knowledge to ensure that the competency improvement has a real business impact. We can create a blended learning solution that helps achieve all of this and much more.

Business Audit

At the heart of a great business is a clear process. We can help you Define it, Measure it and Deliver it. Our business audit process helps make sure that you have consistency in all key business areas.

Business Improvement

We believe that every business can get better, that there is always a better way and our commitment is, to help you find it. We have more than 25 years of experience of helping businesses like yours do just that.

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