Fourmative is 30 today!

Well, we have made it and with the help of our customers past and present and our bank of fantastic employees and contractors we have reached our 30th Birthday today. 30 years ago I sat down with Andrew Parker and we set out on our journey to deliver Automotive Parts training that was practical, fun and helped those attending achieve more.

Today we still deliver Parts training but much more, times have changed, technology too, but the desire to make a measurable difference in everything that we do remains.

Today I would like to thank Chris Kelly and Ken Jones who put their trust in us 30 years ago and for the many contacts who have continued to allow us to help them make their good better.

Thanks also to Colin Gleghorn who along with Andrew Parker helped us shape our business for the future and to our Office Manager Lisa who to this day keeps us all organised.

Our business survives by enhancing our support to meet the needs of our customers and we will continue to evolve and develop training and consultancy solutions that really do make a difference.

Thank you to all Customers, Employees and Contractors past and present.