It’s time to get ENGAGE

Over the past 12 months, we have been researching the challenges that we have to meet to make sure that training delivery meets the requirements of professional business and the wide variety of Learners in the workplace.

Today many businesses face the same training challenges: –

  • Learners who attend webinar training but don’t fully absorb its content
  • eLearning which is little more than a PowerPoint presentation that individuals complete with very little knowledge retention
  • Delegates who attend classroom training but have had no knowledge of what is going to be covered or how it will apply to their job role
  • Action plans that are produced at the end of classroom training which are not followed up or supported

These coupled with the pressure that all staff have to perform in their job role whilst being able to spend less time away from the business attending traditional classroom training.

As a result of our research, we have created and developed ENGAGE, a brand-new blended learning solution that combines structured learning activities to provide a unique learner journey. This allows your staff to complete their learning experience with new skills that are second nature and can be used as soon as they return to their workplace.

In addition, ENGAGE provides the support required to achieve the defined learning outcomes. We use social and digital tools to enhance the learning journey and ensure that delegates are constantly applying what has been learnt.

Forget blended learning Engage is here!


Gary Hodgkiss


ENGAGE includes

  • Flipped Classrooms that focus on achieving the Learning outcomes and developing key skills
  • A Personal Learning Network which allows the delegates to give peer to peer feedback and gain support from Fourmative learning facilitators
  • Digital tools online and digital technology before, during and after the classroom to help delegates achieve their Learning outcomes

The Learner commences their journey by using the digital tools (Online and Webinars) to understand the subject matter and to be clear about the learning outcomes including how they will be achieved. They attend a face-to-face workshop’s where they develop their skills using learning activities, peer to peer discussions and 1-to-1 interactions with the facilitator.

Learners have access to their Personal Learning Network. Here they interact with the other learners. They also upload evidence of how they have applied their learning in the workplace, share ideas and give feedback. The Fourmative facilitator provides coaching and feedback on what has been achieved.

Learners are given reminders to complete actions centred around their learning outcomes. Rewards, results and completion bonuses are given to help motivate the learners to complete their missions and demonstrate how they have put into practice their learning outcomes.

The result is an individual that has improved their knowledge, applied it to the business with a positive effect and ensured that the best practice becomes a habit for life.

ENGAGE will be launched at AM Live at the NEC on 7th November 2019, why not come and see for yourself how with our help your staff can become ENGAGED.