The little icon that can save hours!

I have worked in an office environment for several years and gained qualifications in Administration and IT.

Recently after having Microsoft Office 365 installed, I have discovered a little icon that can save time when working on formatting large documents.  In administration, consistency is key to a good-looking document.

I dread to think of the amount of time I have been through a document changing font, font size, font colour, layout and paragraph spacing but have just discovered this little paintbrush icon Format Painter that does this for me.  Don’t get me wrong it is not a miracle cure for the technophobe but it will copy all the formatting of Microsoft Word text and apply/paste it over new text so all look alike.

Nobody told me of this new feature I had to hear about it in a random YouTube video when I was doing some research on templates and how to apply them in Word.

Since this discovery, I estimate that this simple little function has saved me hours in the office spent on large documents.

I can now completely format large documents in around 30-45 minutes instead of way over the two-hour mark.

Lisa Wiggins
Office Manager

And the best news of all this feature is also available in the other Microsoft programmes Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher.

I just thought that I would share this discovery with you in my first blog to help you also save time and get consistency in your documents.  Let me know what you think and how much time Format Painter saves you.